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Are you a small business owner, coach, consultant, solo-entrepreneur
or anyone who has a product or service to sell

If the answer is YES, then I need to know...
Are YOU Ready to Create
Massive Success?

If you're like me, you've probably learnt some amazing information (at live events, in books or courses packed with great tips and ideas) - only to discover there is STILL something stopping you from achieving your goals.

I know it's taken me many years, I've wasted so much money and experienced many ups and downs to finally discover the secrets to business and personal success

Hi, my name is Sandy Forster and I now live in my own personal oasis on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.  I travel the world whenever I want, I've created phenomenal success in my life (and believe me when I say it was a rags to riches story) and I'm ready to show you  how you can create your own success.


The one thing I've found that has turned my life around faster than any other practical strategy I've used, is tapping into a mastermind and aligning myself with mentors and successful people who have already achieved the success I desire.  So, now I'd like to invite you to particpate in something very special... I'd like to fast track YOUR success and show YOU how you too can work less AND make more money. And something that I consider even more important...  create more time, choice and personal freedom than ever before in your life.

A Private Mastermind Group
Unlike Any Other...

Although many people would love to have access to my contacts, personal strategies and business brainstorming ideas, I know you may not be able to afford, or even qualify for my $12,000 a year Exclusive "Inner Circle Group" so I'm extremely pleased to announce my program for solo-entrepreneurs and business people who want to surround themselves with like-minded successful people. It is my personal Mastermind (the principle was made famous through Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill)where I’ll be sharing the ideas, tips and strategies that have contributed to my success. You'll be exploring success stories, learning techniques and implementing strategies that will allow YOU to create a business and life you love. Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to part of an amazing group that can take you both personally and financially to the next level.

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will be your personal success mentor and teach you the tips, tools, strategies and secrets I continue to use to create phenomenal success. This is your chance to learn exactly how to apply the principles from The Secret specifically to your business AND implement proven practical strategies to create MORE than before.  It's your opportunity to become a Spiritual Entrepreneur - someone who uses the Law of Attraction AND success steps to create the business and life they desire.

Every month for as long as you're a member you will be connecting with me through...

The Secret to Success

Here's how the Mastermind works...


Monthly Mastermind LIVE TELESEMINARS with me and special
hand-picked Expert Guests on the topics of Inspiration,
Marketing and Success

Once a month, you'll participate in a 60 minute Secret to Success Mastermind Teleseminar Call
facilitated by me personally. This is where either myself or my very special expert guests will share information with you about a specific topic. You will have an opportunity to ask questions, get clarity and learn success strategies for your business.

To give you an idea of the depth and level of the Secret to Success Mastermind here are some of the topics that we discuss on our Mastermind calls:

Secret Mastermind Topics:

  • Online & offline marketing strategies - both practical AND mindset
  • Creating consistent steady multiple income streams
  • Attract all the clients you need using easy and fun strategies
  • The power of strategic alliances, joint ventures and other profitable collaborative ideas
  • Tips to greatly increase your productivity
  • How to use the Internet to launch a new business or massively boost an existing business
  • Secret weapon for getting PR - and using it to create sales for FREE
  • Discover hidden and new profit centers
  • Creating your Millionaire Mindset so you naturally attract success
  • Become inspired to get more things done quicker and easier than ever before
  • The secret to building a 'product funnel' that turns a lead into a paying client or customer

Because I understand the power of a mastermind group - I've been able to align with some amazing people from around the world. Here's me with mega super star Mark Victor Hansen (bestselling author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) at his beautiful Hawiian home. 

I've been on stage at several of his events, and even spent weeks on safari in Africa with him while we brainstormed around how to create even more success in our businesses!

More Topics Covered

  • Turn more potential clients/customers into sales
  • Pricing strategies for success
  • Low cost and no cost marketing strategies to massively boost your business
  • Learn how to make your product or service irresistable to your customers
  • How to take your passion and turn it into money
  • Setting and raising your fees or prices
  • Discover the secret to words that make you cash
  • How to achieve balance in body, mind and spirit
  • The secret to manifesting the results and life you really want, faster and easier than you ever thought possible
  • What is viral marketing and how it can massively build your business - for free
  • How to get your existing customer/clients to buy from you over and over
  • Redesign your business (or start a new one) so it fits your desired lifestyle

Keep in mind - this Mastermind is aimed at business people and entrepreneurs (including coaches, authors, speakers, solo-business people, infopreneurs, networkers and salespeople) - in fact anyone who has a business, a product or service to promote or sell. 

You'll have the opportunity to hear from me and other successful entrepreneurs as we share the exact steps and strategies we've used and we want you to utilise to create a profitable, fun, successful business.

We incorporate my favorite Millionaire Mindset techniques throughout the entire program, however I know to achieve the most outstanding results in your life, you must combine the mindset WITH the practical - and I'm going to continue to share with you proven strategies so you can create your success! 

Our regular teleseminars are held on the first Monday of each month at 9.00pm Eastern/NY time (that's if you're in the US, in Australia it's the first Tuesday of each month) AND, read below to find out how you won't miss a thing...


Written Transcripts and Online Digital Recordings of EVERY
Mastermind Call

I know how busy entrepreneurs can be... and I don't want you to miss a thing.  So even if you don't make the live call,  I've arranged for you to have the mp3 audio of every monthly Mastermind call we hold.  You can listen directly from your computer, or download to your ipod or mp3 player when it suits you. You'll have access, usually within 24 hours of the recording to download and listen to at your leisure.

PLUS each call is transcribed and uploaded in PDF format to the members area so you can read through, highlight and take notes as you please.

You may prefer to listen to the audio and read through the notes as you go!   They're yours to use as you wish and refer to over and over.



Audio CDs of the Mastermind Calls - Mailed Directly to You
EVERY Month!

You heard that right! Now you'll have NO excuse to create success in your life - as each monthly call is also recorded onto audio CD and posted directly to your door so you won't miss a thing no matter how busy your schedule is.

You can listen in your car, your walkman when you're on the move, your stereo or computer.  The choice is yours - whenever and where-ever is convenient for you.

Even if you listen to the mp3 version or participate in the live call, it's a valuable resource to add to your success library - yours to refer back to time and time again.



 Business Brainstorming Q & A Sessions

One of the skills I have, and I LOVE to utilise, is coming up with creative and easy to apply ideas for businesses.  Every month, on these live 60 min calls, you can ask a question specific to your business.

Sometimes the answers are simple and straightforward, sometimes they launch a brainstorming session where I come up with ideas, strategies and tips for you to implement and create ongoing success in your business.

Even if you can't attend the live call, you can submit a question via our special forum to be covered by me during one of these live Business Brainstorming  Q & A sessions.  You'll also have access to the recordings via an mp3 within 24 hours of the live call.

This is your opportunity to ask questions about YOUR business and create amazing breakthroughs in the areas you'd specifically like to create success in. 



Monthly Millionaire Mindset Audio for Your Business

A major part of my success has occured because I'm so passionate about creating a Millionaire Mindset.  I believe even if you put all the practical strategies you like into place unless you have the right mindset - it can often be a hard slog.

So to keep you on track and allow you to ATTRACT the success you desire (rather than chasing after it), you'll receive a monthly inspiring mp3 audio to listen to so you begin to transform yourself from the inside out into a successful, motivated, highly profitable business person.

These audios will consist of affirmations or guided visualisations - all aimed at changing you cell, by cell, day by day, week by week into a person who naturally attracts people, opportunities, situations and circumstances that create more success than you ever thought possible.

Not only will you instantly receive the mp3, you'll also receive the audio CD version in the mail, to listen to in your car or CD player at your leisure.

The purpose of these audios are for you to listen to as often as you can.  Just once in the month may be all you can manage, or once a week, or even once a day.  What ever suits YOUR circumstances and level of desire for change!




Online Access to Our Private Membership Area and
Members Directory

As a Secret Mastermind Member, you'll have instant access to our exclusive online area - which is ONLY available to current members of the Mastermind.

Here, y
ou'll have access to an archive of resources, bonus calls and information, including audios and transcripts of previous Mastermind calls - yours to read through, listen to and investigate at your leisure. As a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I am always on the search for even more great ideas, strategies, resources and tips we can implement into our businesses, and I'll share everything I discover with YOU!

And, as a part of this group of like-minded people from around the world, you'll also have instant access to our exclusive Members Directory.  I'm sure you understand the power of networking, and through our Members Directory, you'll be able to highlight who you are, what you do and who your ideal client is.  This is an opportunity to showcase YOUR business to the world!

Through the directory and discussion forum, you may find members who you can joint-venture with, create synergistic business alliances with, or just guide you in the right direction.  We find members love to support other members in their desire to create success in their business and life.


Sandy Forster's Million Dollar Resource Rolodex

Access to my Million Dollar Rolodex -  I’ll share my private contact lists and give you my personal recommendations and inside referrals to the people, tools and resources that can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of wasted hours a year. 

I give you my internet people, graphic artists, ebook cover artists, online shoppingcart system, audio duplicators, book printers, fulfillment houses, teleseminar systems, distributors, mentoring programs, product compilers, audio creators - in fact ALL the people I either use (because they're great) or am happy to recommend (again, because they're great).

This resource is priceless and will allow you and your business to take a quantum leap forward.


What kind of difference would this high-level masterminding,
information and brainstorming make

in your business, income and life?

Think bigger, dream grander and create more success than ever before.
What are you waiting for - lets make it happen, starting NOW!

     Join Today and take part in our next Mastermind Call! Your EXCLUSIVE Members Only Benefits Include:  

    • Monthly live Mastermind teleseminar with me and hand selected experts in the field of inspiration, marketing and success.
    • Written transcripts and mp3 recordings of each monthly Mastermind Call
    • Monthly Mastermind Audio CD delivered to your door (these are recorded versions of your live Masermind teleconference session)
    • Monthly Q & A and Business Brainstorming teleseminar session specifically focused on you and your business and the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to catapult you to success and recorded for you on mp3
    • Monthly Millionaire Mindset Audio (mp3 and audio CD versions)
    • Members Only private Website access
    • Members Directory - announce you and your business to members around the world
    • Exclusive Members only Discussion Forum
    • Special Mastermind Members discounts on many of our exciting new products and events - you'll be the first to know when they're launched
    • Regular SURPRISE bonuses - you'll have to wait and see (you'll just LOVE them)!

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Be part of this exciting world wide opportunity, here's your chance to join me and tap into the information, ideas, tools, strategies, connections, resources, people and secrets that have taken me from welfare to Wildly Wealthy Woman in a few short years!

    I am so looking forward to you joining us so YOU can create more fun, happiness and success in your personal AND business life - starting today!

    Sandy Forster
    Prosperity and Success Mentor


P.S.  As an added bonuses - this program could be 100% tax deductible for you (check with your accountant).



Secrets to Success Mastermind Terms and Conditions

  • The Secret to Success Mastermind is for success focused entrepreneurs only
  • The topics - above, and more - may be covered over the lifetime of the mastermind  (Wildly reserves the right to remove and add topics as required) 
  • You will continue to be charged at the initial rate at which you joined until you advise us otherwise - should you cancel your membership and re-join at a later date (if there are places available), you will no longer be eligible for the reduced rate.
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